California Poppy Drawing by Karl Urban


Celebrating Wildflowers
Northwest Coloring Book


These Northwestern United States wildflower illustrations were done by Karl Urban at Umatilla National Forest in Oregon.  They are meant to be used as coloring book pages for Celebrating Wildflowers and other educational activities.  Karl put the drawings into the public domain, but please remember to give him credit if you use the illustrations.

There are two different copies of each drawing.  There is one drawing for you to color and the other one uses numbers or arrows to show you what colors to use for each part of the wildflower.

There are two different lists from which you may pick drawings to download, alphabetized common names and alphabetized scientific names.

You can print a drawing by using your web browser’s print command or you can download the drawing file(s) to your computer by clicking your right mouse button on the link, choosing “Save link as…” and using a graphics program such as Paint Shop to print it out.

California Poppy